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Real-Time Visualizations of the Vocal Tract for Clinical Interventions (VTV)

Published July 13 2022, 10:20

Project Name: The VTV Project: Real-Time Visualizations of the Vocal Tract for Clinical Interventions

Speech impairments arise often due to difficulties controlling and coordinating the tongue, the most important speech organ. In the VTV project, we are devising novel modes of visualization for use in a clinical setting for interventions focused on tongue movements. Our goal is to develop a suite of visualization techniques to provide salient feedback both to clients and to clinicians, for use among the client-clinician therapeutic dyad. The feasibility of this approach is predicated on recently completed work that provides a sensor-rich alternative to acoustic-to-articulatory inversion, an approach that is based on the Wave system (Norther Digital, Inc.), which is a state-of-the-art enabling technology that can track a patient’s tongue with sub-millimeter accuracy. This work is funded in part by the Centre for Information Visualization and Data-Driven Design (CIV-DDD). These research activities are being undertaken by a collaborative team consisting of members from York, University of Toronto and OCADU (M. Baljko, Y. Yunosova, P. Faloutsos, N. Tenhaaf and F. Lebouthillier).

Lab Collaborators: Zarringhalam, Rojin Majd 

Other Collaborators: Yana Yunasova (Department of Speech Language Pathology, University of Toronto) Petros Faloutsos (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, York University) Francis Le Bouthillier (Sculpture/Installation, OCAD University) Nell Tenhaaf (Visual Arts, York University)

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