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Deliberately Slow Interfaces

Published July 13 2022, 10:24

Project Name: Deliberately Slow Interfaces

This research initiative is an umbrella for projects that investigate systems with deliberately slow interfaces, such as tangible embedded system that use a living media interfaces or other ‘strange’ approaches (e.g., flexural materials, one-degree of freedom articulators).  This umbrella includes the Rafigh project (a dissertation research project by Foad Hamidi) and Austin Vuong’s somaesthetics project.

Lab Collaborators: Hamidi, Foad  Vuong, Austin 

Other Collaborators:

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Further Information

“Rafigh”, a dissertation project by Foad Hamidi, concerns the design and evaluation of an embedded tangible system that uses a living media interface in the form of a living mushroom colony as part of its display, where the success of the mushroom colony is driven by the therapeutic and/or learning activities that are performed by children, who are its target users.

This initiative also includes the project conducted by Austin Vuong, exploring somaesthetics and slow one-degree-of-freedom paper robots.  This project was completed using as a 2020 Lassonde Undergraduate Research Award (LURA) project.



Project Outputs and Results: