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ENAbling MEdia for braille Literacy (ENAMEL)

Published July 13 2022, 10:13

Project Name: ENAbling MEdia for braille Literacy (ENAMEL)

The objective of the ‘ENAbling MEdia for Literacy’ (ENAMEL) research project is to develop and to evaluate the digital technologies that are required by stakeholders to support vibrant ecosystems for literacy development. The ENAMEL project is currently supporting two projects: one focused on supporting learning of early-level Braille (in North America) and the other focused on capacity building in Special Education contexts in an East Africa country. The project focuses on low-cost, DIY technologies (such as 3D printing and low-cost single-board computers, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino) and open source software. These technologies provide innovative and new approaches to supporting the development of functional knowledge in learners (primarily children) concerning printed and written materials. This project espouses user-centered, rather than technology-centered, design approaches, and seeks to critically reflect on the hidden assumptions, ideologies and values underlying the design of such technologies.

Lab Collaborators: Attala, Sara  Patel, Runa  Sartipi, Ramona  Azari, Sara 

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