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Accessible Making for Assistive Technology (AM4AT)

Published April 26 2022, 07:09

Project Name: Open Source Assistive Technology and Making Making Accessible

This program of research focuses on the category of Assistive Technology (AT).  It interrogates and critiques the social construction of this class of technologies and seeks to intervene via the development of techniques and platforms that create new and improved paths of inclusion for the creation of ATs using maker methods and personal-scale fabrication.

This program of research is funded by an NSERC Discovery Grant titled “Accessible Making for Assistive Technology” (2018-2025)

Lab Collaborators: Baljko, Melanie  Akhavan Kazemzadeh, Sarah  Bertrand, Dyllan  Attala, Sara  Hamidi, Foad  Collis, Ryan  Hussain, Fatima O. 

Other Collaborators:

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