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Technologically-mediated commemorative tattoo practice

Published April 26 2022, 06:55

Project Name: Technologically-mediated commemorative tattoo practice

This project focused on aspects of UX research and design for a digital repository for commemorative tattoos and contextualizing narratives.  We repurposed and pilot-tested omeka as a tool of social empowerment.

Lab Collaborators: Duhig, Robert 

Other Collaborators: Deborah Davidson (Department of Sociology, York University)

Terms Active:

The Tattoo Project

The Tattoo Project is an interdisciplinary project that has several objectives:

  • To provide a repository for commemorative tattoos, for the public to upload their commemorative tattoos and contextualizing narratives, empowering users to make the project a social tool of their own;
  • To serve as a cultural heritage site, acknowledging important memories and sharing them publicly;
  • To provide scholars with a digital database of commemorative tattoos and narratives for analysis;
  • To develop relationships between academics and the public.

The project website for the Tattoo project is


Project Outputs and Results: