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Collis, Ryan

Published April 27 2022, 06:17×150.png

Projects: Accessible Making for Assistive Technology (AM4AT)

Graduate Student, Doctoral Level, Science & Technology Studies

Ryan Collis, OCT is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Education, working with a interdisciplinary superivisory committee. He completed a Master’s Degree student in Science and Technology Studies at York University. He has a BA in English Language and Literature (Queen’s 1999), a BScH in Computer Science and Information Technology (Queen’s 2000), a BEd in Intermediate and Senior Education (OISE/University of Toronto 2005), and a BScH in Science and Technology Studies (York, 2019). He is an autistic researcher who looks at how expertise in autism research and policy is negotiated, and how experts on autism (actually autistic people) and experts in other fields can cooperate in the creation of knowledge. He is also interested in how the hidden, unspoken rules of society prevent the full participation of autistics.

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