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Smith, Hilda

Published April 27 2022, 06:53×150.png

Projects: Accessibility in Educational Placement for Students with Disabilities (AcTinSite) Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) UX/KMb Research Project

Post-Doctoral Fellow/Associate, Critical Disability Studies

Dr. Hilda Smith worked as a Post Doctoral Associate in the PiET lab, supporting the AcTinSite research project as a Knowledge Mobilization Specialist.  They completed their PhD in Critical Disability Studies. Prior to that, they worked as an RA on the BHER UX Research Project.

They now work as a Knowledge Broker and as a member of the Technical Committee for Plain Language at Accessible Standards Canada:

Terms Active: 2020, (i) Winter Term 2021, (ii) Summer Term 2021, (iii) Fall Term 2022, (i) Winter Term