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Konroyd, Edmund

Published April 27 2022, 06:07×150.jpg

Projects: Visualizing the Normate (VTN)

Graduate Student, Doctoral Level, Science & Technology Studies

PhD Student in STS at York. Professional and educational background in architecture and building science. I have particular interest in the scientific/technological marginalization of people. The disability community is a particular area of focus and I take up how disability identities (social, medical, political, etc.) intersect with citizenship. More often than not, disability citizenship is only partial. More specifically I look through infrastructures of all types (parks, energy, or road networks, digital-virtual etc.) into how people associate, and how assemblages may deliberate. I also investigate the various systems and rules of access/provision, use, management, etc. as elements that can either support or correct such partiality for the disabled ‘other’. Another focus of my research is at the intersection of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) science and technology. The built environment, its representation, and role as a point of engagement, form an important substrate where a lot of the associational, economic, and civic activity of citizenship, plays out.

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