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Lo-Fi: Low Fidelity Representation of Agents

Published July 13 2022, 11:14

Project Name: Lo-Fi: Low Fidelity Representation of Agents in Interactive Systems

Lo-Fi is the name of a multi-year collaborative media art practice between Nell Tenhaaf and Melanie Baljko.  It explores on the relationships that form between human interactants and populations of artificial agents, particularly when the embodiments of the artificial agents are deliberately made to be highly abstract (and thus have low-fidelity to human agents). Of particular interest is the attribution of agency by human interactants within interactive systems. Agents are abstracted entities, composed of light clusters, having multiple modes of visual and auditory expression, and are embedded in surfaces with dimensionality and depth.  This media art practice has both artistic and scientific goals.

Lab Collaborators: Kaftarian, Michael 

Other Collaborators: Nell Tenhaaf (Visual Arts, York University)

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The website for the collaborative media practice is Nell Tenhaaf’s website is The Sonification project is shown here:   WinWin

Project Outputs and Results: