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ACTon: Disability Accommodation Stories in Placement

Published April 28 2022, 11:08

Project Name: ACTon: Disability Accommodation Stories in Placement

The ACTon project employed participatory visual methods to engage both disabled students and placement instructors in order to learn about the challenges they encountered when communicating about accommodations in placement. The PiET Lab collaborated in the development of several interactive learning modules (videos and supplementary materials), which are intended to increase awareness of and knowledge about the rights of disabled students in education and to decrease barriers to disabled students’ success in placement and experiential-education programs.

Lab Collaborators: Godbout, Thalia  Park, Hyunju (Joo) 

Other Collaborators: Iris Epstein (School of Nursing, York University) Lindsay Stephens (Department of Human Geography, University of Toronto) David Gelb (Department of Design, York University) Nazilla Khanlou (School of Nursing, York University) Marian MacGregor (Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion, York University) Judith McDonnel (School of Nursing, York University) Roxanne Mykitiuk (Osgoode Hall Law School, York University) Ellen Schraa (School of Health Policy & Management, York University) Karen Swartz (Associate Director, Student Accessibility Services (SAS), York University) Linda Juergensen (School of Nursing, York University)

Terms Active:

Additional Information

This was a large interdisciplinary project. In addition to the collaborators listed above, the following people were also collaborators: Paola Calderon-Valdivia (Experiential Education Coordinator, Faculty of Health), Yasaman Delaviz (Educational/Curricular Development Specialist, Faculty of Health), Stella Kowalchuk, Lindsay LaMoore, Katie MacEntee (Post Doctoral Fellow), Gina Marasco (Manager, [Nursing Practicum Coordination Office, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health), Vina Sandher (Field Education Manager), Robin Sutherland-Harris (Educational Developer, Teaching Commons).

Some of the interactive learning modules can be seen here:

The ACTon project was funded by a York University Academic Innovation Fund (2019-2022).

The PiET lab was active in the project during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Project Outputs and Results: